Organizations are expanding with high pace as customers are becoming more challenging. As market is growing, competition is also going fierce day by day and businesses need to focus on their core competencies. This has led to outsourcing activities which are not so critical to organizations.

Staff Augmentation is becoming very common in daily business life, especially for the IT companies. It not only save costs and efforts but also gives access to the best available talent in the IT industry without having to recruit them. This service ease the IT owners and also gives peace to HR department and saves a lot of time of both.

Its a service specially designed for companies that do not want to hire a permanent resource to manage IT operations in any area. It would be a server management or helpdesk, or for any particular task where organization don’t want to go in long term commitment.

Through this service, customer can take human resources from us on a short or long term contract to manage complete IT Operations or any particular task. Our engineers will be part of your in-house team and they will be backed up by our technical experts as well, ensuring that our clients have access to a diversity of skills and expertise. They work under the supervision and guidance of CIO’s/IT Managers but all their HR related issues will be cater by ITConnects.