As organizations deploy more enterprise-level solutions, they require an extensible user directory such as Microsoft Active Directory. The Microsoft® certified System Engineers and solution architects have proven expertise in the migration of Microsoft Active Directory. Our consultants and engineers adhere to industry and vendor-specific best practices and are trained and certified in the latest migration technologies.

Directory Migration services entail;

  • Migration planning.
  • Installation, upgrade, and optimization of Active Directory infrastructure.
  • Expert level technical support during transition.

Benefits of well-implemented Directory Migration provide organizations with:

  • Minimum user disruption.
  • Improved and more flexible authentication.
  • Improved organization efficiencies.
  • Improved security through best practices and greater granularity.
  • Improved directory backup and restore, including restore of discrete elements.
  • Increased ease of management.

Active Directory migration scenarios include:

  • Inter-forest migration, more common in companies where an acquisition or merger has taken place and restructuring of the forest is required
  • Intra-forest migration typically includes restructuring and collapsing resources in the same Active Directory forest, common in companies who need to expand or consolidate the number of their domains